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Ima N00b

2009-04-12 20:51:02 by LanaSmithx3

Ive finally found out how to make flash videos, im so exsitedd, i wish i could make some thing better, ill make some thing tomorrow, :3. or in ma room tonight >w<. so yah, i sh noob. LOVE NEWGROUNDS!!!!


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2009-04-12 21:10:52

as a veteran of the site (that has no idea how to make flash myself xD) I could give you tips on making your videos better, if you want


2009-04-12 21:24:29

Hope you make a great submission, then.


2009-04-13 01:30:17

aloha! =3
can you teach me how to make flash videos?

LanaSmithx3 responds:

well you have to get flash first, you cant download it
you need to get the installation disk, if you have one O-o


2009-04-13 14:32:44

You should submit longer flashes if you want them to pass judgement. Your latest one was too short. And you should add a background, it's not nice to see only a white thing as a background. It make it look like simple. At least try changing the color.
Improve your drawing style. Try to add shading, and things like that.

But you are just a beginner, you don't expect an awesome work from someone who just started using flash xD